1Kprojects v2 released
Many changes and new features for both sellers and buyers!

After two weeks of hard work, I'm happy to announce that 1kprojects is changing for the better.
Check out the changes and new features below.

❓Public FAQ for projects

Questions are now separated from offers. Buyers can send questions that will be available on the project's public page for others to see.
Sellers can answer all questions without paying a fee.

πŸ”Ž Track your offer's status

When sending an offer, you get a confirmation email to confirm your email as well as a unique link to track your offer's status.
At any time you can know if :

  • Your offer has been approved or declined by us.

  • The seller has read your offer.

  • The seller has archived your offer.

  • The seller has accessed your email.

🏦 Changes in pricing

For sellers, pricing is now dynamic. To unlock your project you can pay a fee based on your project's price, starting from $9.

πŸš€ Promote your project

Sellers can now promote their projects on the homepage for 24 hours for a small fee of $12.

🌍 Buy and sell your domains

You can now buy and sell domain names on 1kprojects

πŸ’Έ Buy and sell projects over $1K

You can now buy and sell projects over $1k on 1kprojects

πŸ™ We need your feedback!

Please email us at hello@1kprojects.com with your feedback about the new chances!

Thank you!