30 Android Game & App
2 months ago

High Quality Reskin Apps With Full Source Code!

Project Details

This is a bundle for 30 high-quality Android game and apps that is built with Buildbox and Android Studio. It's a great starter pack for anyone who wants to have a strong game and apps portfolio to get started in mobile apps world!  

All games made with high quality reskin graphics, You can try all the games before purchase.

30 Android Apps :

  1. 7Minute Full Workout Women
  2. Jump Roll Neon Ball
  3. Easy Ball Shot Ring
  4. Amazing Paper Flying Ultimate
  5. Battle Space Armada
  6. Ultimate Hit Knife Challenge
  7. Excellent Nine Steps
  8. Snake Color Brick Crash Rush
  9. Easy Jump Cube Challenge
  10. Amazing Ball Gravity
  11. Ball Color Shooter Ring
  12. Easy Learning & Coloring Book for Kids
  13. Expert Bottle Water Flipping
  14. Excellent Color Switch Ball Infinity
  15. Animal Road Cross Endless
  16. Wild Boar Carrying Bag Runner
  17. Red Robot Boy Adventure
  18. Land of Samurai Adventure
  19. Blade Skeleton Hunting
  20. Metal Soldiers Gun and Shooter
  21. Super Women Runner
  22. Amazing Jump Pink Bunny
  23. Boy Pirate Treasure Hunting
  24. Amazing Tiger Boy Shoot and Run
  25. Super Boy RedHair Adventure
  26. Runner Knight Dash Ultimate
  27. Thief Robber Runner
  28. Girl Archery Adventure
  29. Adventure Chicken Epic
  30. Excellent Ninja Jump Up

What is included in the sale?

1). App transferred to your Google Developer account.

2). Complete source code each and everything for the app. 

3). Keystore file for future any app editing. 

4). Free integration of AdMob units ads. 

5). Lifetime support - Future anytime.  

= How does the app generate revenue?

  - Admob

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