7 Year T-Shirt Design Business
3 weeks ago

Diversified Business: 4,500+ Digital Design Sales on 9 Sites (Passive Income) 3,000+ T-Shirt Designs

$ 595
$ 14280

Project Details

Summary (Updated as of 13/08/2019):
Solid 7-Year Old Diversified T-Shirt Design Business (Passive Income) Actively Generating $595.00USD/equiv. Pure-Profit (No Liabilities) Recurring Commissions Paid into PayPal Monthly or Bank Account across 11 Different Accounts and 9 Websites - 4,500+ Digital Design Sales, 3,000+ T-Shirt Designs.

How have you determined the value of this Business?

24 Months (Average Monthly Earnings).

What is included in the sale ?

This business includes 11 Seperate Accounts:

Spreadshirt.com Account ($385.00 USD/MRR) - Average based on 89x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://www.spreadshirt.com/user/Azza1070

Spreadshirt.co.uk Account (£22.00 GBP/MRR) Average based on 46x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://www.spreadshirt.co.uk/user/tshirtdesigns

Spreadshirt.de Account (€12.00 EURO/MRR) - Average based on 5x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://www.spreadshirt.de/user/tshirt-designs

- TeePublic Account #1 ($51.50 USD/MRR) - Average based on 7x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://www.teepublic.com/user/australianmate

- TeePublic Account #2 ($17.50 USD/MRR) +$5.00 USD/MRR Affiliate Commission from Above Account Sales - Average based on 7x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://www.teepublic.com/user/anotherone

- RedBubble Account #1 ($29.75 USD/MRR) - Average based on 7x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: { Viewable on Offer }

- RedBubble Account #2 ($14.75 USD/MRR) - Average based on 5x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: { Viewable on Offer }

Society6 Account ($42.00 USD/MRR) - Average based on 16x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://society6.com/azza1070

Inktale Account ($6.75 USD/MRR) - Average based on 6x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://inktale.com/customdesignproducts

Threadless Account ($5.75 USD/MRR) - Average based on 4x Month Payout History.

Public Shop Link: https://tshirtdesignart.threadless.com/

~ Total=$595.00 USD/MRR

- ***BONUS*** Merch by Amazon Account - View original listing here: https://1kprojects.com/project/merch-by-amazon-account-tier-4

This business includes all designs/graphics that're selling on all accounts + rights to sell them on other websites - Designs can be downloaded within accounts.

~ Payments are made in their respective currencies (USD, EURO and GBP) via PayPal automatically every month (Except Inktale, must click the send payment button), Amazon sends payments via Bank Transfer.

Do you have any traffic ?

Organic Traffic from ALL marketplaces (No Paid or External Traffic):

Spreadshirt.com, Spreadshirt.co.uk, Spreadshirt.de, RedBubble.com, TeePublic.com, Society6.com, Inktale.com, ThreadLess.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.de.

Why are you selling ?

These accounts have performed incredibly-well over the past 7 years, and I'm extremely hesitant to sell them since the profit could continue for another decade - However, I do not plan on building these assets and believe it would be better for someone else to grow them. I'm moving into a new industry and would like to reinvest the capital.

How can the future owner grow the business ?

Add more designs onto all accounts, download the existing designs and sell them on other websites. You could also dropship or resell the physical products (This could work on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc). Paid Marketing/Advertising could also help, or flip/merge the entire business.

Other details:

This business generates Passive Income, payments are sent on a Monthly Recurring Basis - After designs/products are added, no additional work is necessary.

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, e-commerce sales increase drastically during this period of time; There are a few months left for a Buyer to prepare the shops in-time for Holiday Sales, otherwise I don't mind holding.

The Buyer will be required to provide their own Tax File Information for each SpreadShirt account to receive the correct Tax-Rate based on their country or jurisdiction.

~ Please expect 28-65 days for the Transfer of Ownership of all accounts.

~ The buyer MUST be willing to provide a LinkedIn profile or other personal details to ensure their legitimacy and willingness (to prevent fraudulent payments or offers).

Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries or questions, I'd love to help!

Kind Regards,

Aaron Hynninen

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/aaron-hynninen/

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