Advanced Link Shortener SaaS
2 weeks ago

Relynk is the ultime link shortener with highly advanced functionalities and SaaS-ready.

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$ 999

Project Details

I'm selling this project with a heavy hart. Since I am currently travelling through Asia I am not able to continue setting up

I've dedicated a lot of time to the project and thought I would be able to get it to market and I had great hopes for it. I really feel this is the most advanced and high quality link shortener currently available.

There are a ton of advanced features in it that the market would absolutely love!

- Custom domains
- Custom link overlays
- Advanced analytics
- Password protection
- Link groups
- QR Code functionality
- Link custom pages (landing pages to be shown before directing to real URL)
- Splash pages
- Expiration dates
- Location and device targeting/restrictions
- Social login
- So much more..

What is included in the sale ?

Everything. The source code, logos, website, everything.

What is the technological stack ?

PHP/Laravel with JavaScript components. The front-page is built with a landing page builder which runs at $18 a month I believe.

The application is hosted on DigitalOcean on a $5/month plan.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

None. Everything is complete and ready to go. Once you plug in your PayPal and/or Stripe API keys you're good to go.

Do you have any traffic ?

Nope. I never got around to really launching it. But just list it on Producthunt, Beta List, and similar sites and you'll be getting traffic in no-time.

Why are you selling ?

As I said I need the funds because I'm currently abroad. I'm looking for remote jobs as well but selling should get me through that period.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It already is a business. Register it, promote it, and you have a fully functioning SaaS with tons and tons of options.

I'm really interested, but I'm wondering how much coding (esp. more than HTML/CSS) will be needed to launch and run it?

Absolutely 0 :) There's an easy to use admin panel from where you can manage everything, and everything is already installed on the server - ready to go.

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