Alkaline Diet Recipes Cookbook
6 months ago

alkaline recipes cookbook + small lead magnet + domain name

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$ 750

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

With this purchase, you'll get the list of recipes, a few photos for several of the recipes which are included in the same doc, the domain name, and you can take ownership of the instagram account @alkalinedietrecipes, you'll also get a small lead magnet with only a couple extra recipes (side dishes for the lead magnet) that you can use as a bonus offer

What is the technological stack ?

there's no technology for this 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

the graphic design of the book is incomplete - I created something back when I originally planned to launch this but it literally looks awful. some recipes don't have pictures but most recipe books don't have pictures for everything there's still plenty that you can use for social media though

Do you have any traffic ?

no traffic - website hasn't been live in a long time

Why are you selling ?

i'm selling because my other online projects have taken predence, I never ended up promoting this at all really so there's a completely untapped audience for this. the most i did was post pictures from the book on instagram but never actually marketed the book itself when i finally finished it. there's potential for someone in the fitness or cooking niches to do something with this - it just wasn't my passion so it fell by the wayside

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

a future owner can turn this project into a business by building out an alkaline blog and using this cookbook as a way to generate income. you can also build out your instagram and promote the book via instagram stories. another way to monetize would be to resell the recipes to other recipe blogs that take income. you can also post the cookbook on amazon which i never bothered to do. 

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