Alpaca Cash
7 months ago

A survey rewards/get paid to website with more than 2100 users.

$ 20
$ 600

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

If you purchase, you will receive the website and all code (of course), the websites Twitter and YouTube accounts, the ~2100 users already signed up (including emails) and support from me to help you set up everything (including the website, control panel and advertiser accounts). 

The website brought in more than $400 a month in revenue, for several months, when I was actively maintaining and advertising last year. I can show you proof of income as requested. 

What is the technological stack ?

The website is based on a PHP/MySQL stack. The frontend is taken care of by Bootstrap CSS and HTML5 (of course). FontAwesome has also been used for the icons. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Everything is complete and working, but some offer postbacks may need to be updated if you want to use them (optional). The front end is also just default Bootstrap CSS, so I would update this (optional too). 

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes, the website receives regular traffic thanks to word-of-mouth and our referral program. The website still receives around 30 signups a week, despite the fact I haven't been advertising or active on the website for the past 12 months. With active maintenance, you can expect to bring in a much higher user count. 

Why are you selling ?

I am selling because I know longer have an interest in owning a surveys reward website, or any website at all really. Alpaca Cash grew to be too much for me to handle, so I stopped maintaining it and decided to sell.  

The website had been sitting wasting bandwidth on my server, which was another reason I decided to sell.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

As a future owner, I would recommend that you redesign the website's front end, as it is quickly becoming outdated. Not much more needs to be done, the website just needs some love. I haven't been actively maintaining it for around a year, therefore profits and signups have dwindled, but with the right work the website could become just what you need!

We are launching a form of get paid to take survey business in Sept. Interested in your user base. Time to talk?

I will not be selling the users info separately - this is shady and against our current ToS. Please make an offer if you are interested in purchasing the website as a whole - users included.

Does this include your accounts from the networks you get the offers from?

No, but I am happy to help set up accounts for you. Most just require a username/password and billing info. For legal reasons I can’t transfer my accounts.

Where are you getting the survey offers from right now? Is it a feed or something?

Offers and surveys come from separate advertisers (offerwall providers), like AdGate Media and They manage everything related to the sourcing of offers.

How much would it cost to get it back to earning $400? (Advertising, hosting etc)

The website is currently, and has always been, running on very cheap hosting (~$10 year). I can show you how to set it up and get you a discount code for it. I never paid for any advertising, aside from paying once for pop up ads, but these didn’t convert very well so I didn’t use them again. I just used word of mouth and social media. The websites referral program brings in a lot of new users, with little cost to me. Please feel free to submit an offer you are comfortable with and we can negotiate.

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