Apex Here
9 months ago

News site on the game of the moment apex legends, with huge potential !

$ 0
$ 50

Project Details

1year domain, full website, logo, ideas what to do with the website. 

What is the technological stack ?

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?
Content, marketing

Do you have any traffic ?
No.  Project just launched without any marketing campaign.

Why are you selling ?
Lack of staff, time and funds.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?
Creating original content and regularly updating it. There is huge potential to profit from ads and sponsorships. 

I'm having trouble accessing the URL from the link. Is the website currently active?

Yes, it's, i don't understand why that happens, 1 guy had the same problem some time ago, but the rest of visitors never had problems. please try : apexhere.com , www.apexhere.com , https://apexhere.com and different browsers. also i tryed to find something in internet : "Get the users to launch an InPrivate session in IE and test again, this will rule out plugins, toolbars and the like. Clear the windows DNS Cache, cookies, browser cache and all other saved website data. Check for weird entries in the computers hosts file, there could be an old entry redirecting the site. Check for sites blocked by local or network antivirus/antimalware, the users could have seen an alert and hit the wrong button." those are some recommendations, let me know if it works, thank you for contacting me.

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