3 months ago

Fully automated WooCommerce NICHE SHOP

$ 2
$ 100

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

- Domain name: [ Easy to type - Memorable ] 6 Yrs Old, domain name worth over $1118 based on Godaddy worth estimator. 

 - Website is on WooCommerce Platform with +50 Products 

- The website sell Kids products these are hot right now.

- Premium plugin to add products and very easy to fulfill  the orders.It's automatic.

- Website built with the latest HTML and CSS standards

- Fully responsive and mobile friendly theme, great for SEO.

-Premium design (Theme Value 40$)

-On-going support until you feel completely satisfied.

Key Features ?

  • Premium Ecommerce Website.
  • Top Keyword Domain Name.
  • Fabulous Logo & Branding.
  • Dropship Trade Supply Chain.
  • Built-in Automated Inventory.
  • Built-in Payment Processing.
  • Built-in Newsletter Sign-up Forms.
  • Built-in Coupon Code generators.
  • Product Detail Pages with Advanced Features.
  • Powerful Content Management System.
  • Supports Unlimited Products.
  • Supports Unlimited Categories & Subcategories.
  • Supports Unlimited Suppliers.
  • Seamlessly Responsive –perfect for Mobile Devices.
  • Many more products available! 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The only incomplete parts are less than 10 products wich have a french description ! In less than 10~20min it can be fixed !

Do you have any traffic ?

278 unique users per month for more than 1 000 pages viewed.

Why are you selling ?

The shop is a fully AUTOMATED dropshiping NICHE shop selling KIDS clothes and accessories !

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

The business is super simple :

Use adwords to sell products 

Write articles to improve the natural SEO and gaining organic research

Choose the best selling products thanks to a plugin

Wait for customers to make you earn money !

What is the premium plugin for product?

At this moment the website is using the free version of DropshipMe. It allows you to import 50 products.

Can this be easily translated to English? Product and description etc? Thanks in advance

Yes no problem ! Almost all articles are in english, only some are in french !

Which is the margin per product sold subtracting the dropshipping costs?

It depends on the products, but most of the time 200% value. A 7$ product is usually sold 20$. Anyway you can decide the prices

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