Automated Crypto Trading Bot
2 months ago

A powerful automated crypto trading bot for your own customization (BITMEX)

$ 2499
$ 999

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Source code written in C# for for a Windows based automated crypto trading bot that took me over 14 months to develop and reach to profitability using my own developed trading strategies. The bot is already integrated with Bitmex and has more than 30 indicators for your own use to deploy your own trading strategies. It comes ready with full orderbook visibility, auto/manual order placement, volatility detection, risk management controls, strategy selection, multiple timeframe, server overload measures, and an easy way to add your own strategy within the code, all refactored to the best of my knowledge. It also comes with a couple of working strategies (BB/Fisher Transform/MA). 

This is an already working automated trading system if you do not intend to modify it or develop it further. The system can be used to trade both manually or automatically.

The code consists of 12,000 lines in total.

What is the technological stack ?

C#, Windows Forms.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

It could use better refactoring

Do you have any traffic ?
I've been developing this bot to automate my own trading over the past 2 years along with a couple of other traders. 

Why are you selling ?

Other traders could customize and use this trading system to trade on their own, or to develop it to a more complete offering.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?
You can build a complete automated trading system and integrate it with more exchanges, or offer it as a complete software package.

If I buy it tomorrow and run it will I make the mrr that is show on your add?

It sure is capable of providing you with profits by trading using it as it has been for me, profits may be higher or lower than the MRR I mentioned which I try to use as a median for my profits in the past year. Your success with trading is determined by your trading strategy and future price movement on Bitmex traded assets. It does come installed with a few strategies for you to trade, and you can configure it to use any kind of trading strategy you would like.

You're mentioning 2.5k MRR: - How many subscriptions are those? - How are they paid out? - How often are they paid out?

Since this is not a SaaS business, I have used the MRR field to indicate my monthly profits using this script based on my invested capital of about 1 XBTUSD trading at 10X leverage max, your results will vary based on the capital you decide to invest using this automated trading bot, financial market conditions, as well as your strategy of choice for trading.

Can this be configured to be used with Coinbase instead of bitmex ? Since bitmex is not allowed to be used in US

Since you will have full access to the script's source code, you will be able to port this into any other exchange you would like by integrating with the APIs of that exchange.

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