Autopick + Autopick OCR SDK
1 year ago

Point your smartphone and copy text from the real world

$ 150
$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

App + Domain Name + an Android SDK that's already been liscensed by a local Fintech startup here in Pune, India called and in process of being liscensed by two other companies from Banglore, India soon and with those deals the MRR will get to $400 to $600

What is the technological stack ?

Android + Tesseract OCR + Google Vision SDK + OpenCV

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Nothing's incomplete but there's room for improvement on the computer vision side

Do you have any traffic ?

1000 downloads a month on average with frequent twitter and reddit posts + Regular paid subscriptions coming in through in-app purchase + dozens of features in tech magazines, youtube videos + top 10 apps lists

Why are you selling ?

I've got a job offer and requires me to stop working on this

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Downloads can be easily increased with simple outreach and Licensing of the SDK can be really really lucrative in USA or Europe 

Hey there, I am interested but would like to know more about the sales history and more about the 150$ MRR. Thanks

Hi Thanks for asking this question. This sale is a bundle of an android app that has 10$ MRR of it's own and an android SDK that's already licensed to a local startup that makes credit cards for blue collar economy, for $150/month so technically the Total MRR of this product is we can say $160 Now why did the startup license this technology? One, anyone applying for a credit card has to upload a set of scanned documents to their portal, now previously their back office used to read them and manually enter information, which consumed a lot of resources and time. Second, it's very expensive to build a similar technology so they approached me asking if they can use our technology in their product and that's how the deal happened. There's another similar finance company interested and currently is evaluating to license this technology and there's another shipping warehouse company that's evaluating the technology right now for invoice and paper slip automation I hope I've answered your question and helped you make an informed decision.

Can you supply proof of MRR and visitors/engagement?

Hi there, please share your email address so that I can share all the details with you

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