Ballistic Chronograph
7 months ago

World's most precise ballistic chronograph

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$ 10000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

- Fully build, working, tested and evaluated prototype, physically shipped.
- All hardware associated with prototype like accessories, extra components, unpopulated PCBs, measurements, physically shipped...
- Fully developed electronics schematics, PCB board files (both editable source files) and production gerber files.
- Source editable CAD 3D model (parts and assembly)
- Fully developed software for microcontroller, editable and source code, fully functional and tested:
  + Data acquiring, sensing
  + Measurements/calculations (in various units)
  + Statistics calculations and display menus (in various units)
  + Graphics (intro animation, logo boot page, main screen and statistic sub-screens)
  + Data logging, wireless and SD Card option
  + User data saving on EEPROM...
- Fully developed software for DATA ANALYSIS:
  + Allows users to have program installed on SD card, not on PC directly, for easier operation
  + Automatic data logs acquire/recognition
  + Data management (selecting boundaries, excluding data points...)
  + Data calculations, statistics, drop-down menus with pre-inserted lists of pellets, bullets etc.
  + Automatic data display (graphs)
  + Data export in fully automated A4 report printing in .PDF and directly to printer.
- Partly developed Android APP for mobile phone bluetooth connectivity with function to connect to unit, display shot data on bigger screen etc.
- Fully written editable USER MANUAL for prototype operation, mounting and data analysis software.
- Ideas, part drawings, schematics, 3D models for future V2 version (to stay in product loop if desired).

What is the technological stack ?

The main device software is developed in C++ in easy to understand/modify and in organized structure. The analysis program is VBA, also commented and tested. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Hardware part (enclosure) can be optimized for production costs and design (logos, names, fonts...) can be switched to desired.

Do you have any traffic ?

No, project is completely secret, with no information leaked out, nobody saw the code, 3D models or how things are operating and it's insanely competitive due to the resolution and measurement precision. At time of market research this thing was up to 1000x more precise as any other device, measuring differences up to 0.001m/s !!! 

Why are you selling ?

I'm working on a ton of development projects like gimbal stabilizers, drones - the fully redundant drone that's first certified drone to be able to fly in cities in this region, some military and contract projects etc. With very limited time and constant urge to develop new technologies I decided to sell the project to existing company, individual or startup for either resale project, make production&market it or to make derived product from this tech. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ? 

Future owner can use it as fully developed prototype and project ready for production, modify product design/rebrand it and optimize it for mass production. It can also be used as startup project in crowd funding or fully developed project for direct marketing. It can be resold as tech/software only or make other device derived from the tech used. It's first of its kind with this level of precision and over 4000 recorded shots without a single glitch or miss.  

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