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1 year ago

A customizable crawler that gathers real-time data from different bookmakers about football matches

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$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

A crawler that gathers data from a variety of bookmakers for odds about soccer matches. The odds are kept in a time-series database. The source can be very easily adapted to new bookmakers.

A backend API service that serves the data collected by the crawler

A website that displays the best odds available for each upcoming match as depicted in the screenshot.

A database of matches for a period of 3 years containing valuable and hard to get data about team names, odds of past matches. This data can be analyzed with ML or AI to find patterns.

Special algorithm to detect arbitrage opportunities.

2hours skype call for explaining how the system works with a competent Java developer.

What is the technological stack ?

Java, Selenium for the crawler and nodejs for the API and MySQL as a database

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The project is fully working. 7 bookmakers are currently working but since it's a plug n play design a developer can easily make many more active.

Do you have any traffic ?

The website had traffic while online and I also had 450 subscribers in my Mashape API using it daily.

Why are you selling ?

I didn't manage to get people paying for the API or the website being so popular that I could monetize ads/referrals to bookmakers.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

A well designed and marketed website can be very attractive to sports betting afficionados because you can easily see the best odds for the match you are interested. There can be a subscription for arbitrage opportunities/notification service. Also the database can be analyzed to find potential winning formulas.Lastly, developers could pay for API access to use it on their own websites.

Hey - presumably you could plug anything into it - not just betting - e.g., stock exchange, crypto exchange etc..?

no this is a project that gathers data in time series from bookmakers for football especially

Would there be any way to test the product? Or perhaps see screenies of when it was live?

if you are seriously interested we can arrange a remote desktop viewing with it parsing some bookmakers and I can send you a demo database.

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