Bikini Amor Shopify Brand
5 months ago

"The premier curator of fashionable summer beachwear style from around the world."

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$ 2500

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Brand name "Bikini Amor" (bikini love). This name is perfect for building a body positivity brand as I had considered previously. There are already many plus-sized bikinis on the store.

Domain Name, Booster Theme, and something like $3,000 in Shopify apps included for free. Brand image, branded emails, push notifications, etc. Includes 52 popular dropshipped bikinis that ship from the USA.

@BikiniAmor on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What is the technological stack ?

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?
Brand story could use some revising, however I can coordinate that as part of our deal.

Do you have any traffic ?

Not very much as I never put time or money into promoting it, however there are already 52 products on the site and each product page is mostly optimized for SEO.

Why are you selling ?

Not enough time after signing new clients recently.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Facebook Ads! If you are interested in purchasing this and would like to also invest some money into FB Ads, we can discuss my agency running those on a retainer basis. We have a history of producing very high returns from Facebook advertising.

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