BlogaShop PRO
2 months ago

BlogaShop WP Plugin and Shopify Blogging Use case

$ 900
$ 5000

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

BlogaShop is a WP plugin that allows users to search a 60K+ article database for content to use on WP blogs and/or their Shopify Blog. There are four levels.

BlogaShop PRO:
Article Search in an internal article database
Post management
Free Spinner
YouTube Video search and post
1 domain install
Connect 1 WP site and 1 Shopify Store Blog per PRO Lic.
Saved Results
Shopify Blog Posts
Canned Comments

BlogaShop PRO+:
Automated WP to Shopify post Campaigns
Manage any scheduled Posts
Ability to add Shopify product CTA’s to Posts

BlogShop Unlimited:
Unlimited domain installs

BlogaShop Agency:
unlimited domains and the rights to sell as a service to clients.

Also comes with domains and a few other assets.
Used for sales page funnel Article database Licensing engine

What is the technological stack?

WordPress Plugin PHP

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

This is complete business ready to go for the right person.

Do you have any traffic?

500-800 hits a month.

Why are you selling?

The main reason is we are working on a different project. Most of our focus is there and it takes away from continuing to work on and build more on BlogaShop. The right buyer would see this as a great addition to their already developed business or someone who is just getting started and who would want a short cut to a full build-out from the ground up product and list.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

Someone who is looking for a full turn-key product in WordPress or Ecom Niche could find the value in that. Plus they would get the list of current buyers, access to the group on FB. They could relaunch it or use it internally and or evergreen.

This was build for helping other ecom and WP folks spend more time working on their blog or store. Making it easy to schedule and spin content to live on their blogs in both WP and on Shopify blogs. Giving them more trust and SEO juice.

The way it makes money is people will buy a license to the software as it adds value to their business. And ads more sales and higher conversion. We sell about 1100-1300 a month on evergreen with a few affiliates.

Can you please provide some traffic and revenue screenshots. Thank you.

Who wrote the articles? Are those resources still available to write new ones? Thank you!

We built our database from free article syndication networks. The best use of these articles is to use them as a starting base to either re-write articles or use one of the spinner options. SpinnerBros or SpinReWriter if you have an account.

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