3 months ago

Bluepass is an Android and IOS mobile app, which offers discounts to 1.5m NHS staff in the UK.

$ 100
$ 15500

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Android Mobile app
IOS Mobile app

Web domains below 

MailChimp email list with over 600 subscribers

What is the technological stack ?

React native (Es6 JavaScript)
AWS cognito for authentication
Microsoft App center for integration features -> Push notifications, analytics, and app store deployment.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?


Do you have any traffic ?

Yes 2,000 mobile app downloads and counting on Android, just launched on IOS!

Why are you selling ?

I love the project, but it is taking up my time a bit.

What are the cost of maintaining project?

Zero, I have used all cost effective solutions so there is no need to pay for anything no hosting, aws hosting literally just plug and play.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Just market and partner with more firms to offer discounts via the app.

Hi, love this idea. How does the site currently make revenue? Would be great to get more detail. Thanks. Frank

Hi Frank, We partner with retailers to offer discounts and receive commission from any sales. Kind Regards, Tim

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