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Doctors online booking platform with iOS & Android App

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$ 750

Project Details

Main Website Features:

  • Online reservation
  • Doctors Location
  • SMS Alerts
  • Advanced Search
  • Top ( Featured ) doctors
  • 4 type of panels ( Admin Panel, Doctor Panel, Secretary Panel,  Customers Panel )

Some Of Other Features:

  • Rating system
  • Doctors location using google map
  • Favorite system for users
  • Customized appointments page for users
  • Multilanguage website
  • Social icons
  • Ability to add google analytics
  • Ability to add live chat

Admin Panel Features:

  • Statistics about the platform
  • Doctors Management
  • Specialties Managment
  • Cities Managment
  • Users Managment
  • Appointments Managment with advanced search
  • Staff Managment
  • Setting page to control all the platform
  • Latest events page to be aware of what goes on

What You Will Get?

  • Professional website
  • Professional iOS + Android App
  • Professional logo
  • Free website transfer or setup
  • Marketing tips to get started

Can you share the technology used for the site and for the apps?

Hello dear, Website built using PHP & MySQLi, And the app built using Ionic. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. Best regards

Why are you selling?

Hello, Website: PHP & MySQLi Apps: Ionic

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