BotAmaze - Website Popups
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Website Popups and Reviews made easy

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$ 3999

Project Details

BotAmaze is a web application to build super simple Rating Popup and Promotional Popups. No coding skills required to create / add our propups on your website.

What is included in the sale ?
Domain (Great domain name)
Frontend & Backend Source code (Bitbucket with Timestamp)
Database & other related Credintials.

What is the technological stack ?
- Frontend: Html, Css, Javascript, Angular 6
- Backend: NodeJs, Express Js, MongoDB

Project Backend Panel:
- Comes with backend panel for each users
- User can Create/Edit/Delete the campaings
- Backend admin panel for users to check the campaign anylatics
- User Login/SignUp
- Forget password feature to recover/change passowrd

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?
None Entire Project is completed just implement pricing module and you are all done.

Do you have any traffic ?
This project is launched on 15th Jan and its completely new. 

Why are you selling ?
Im a developer and Designer which work towards creating and selling such startup ideas and at the same time I enjoy building it. I create projects just to sell them. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?
- Keeping in mimd future owner can enhance this application.
- Future owner can add Pricing model
- as per the bot level domain owner can add chatbot services as well in future.

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