Brightstatus Portfolio
9 months ago

Envato portfolio which has 4 products with 1190 customer totaling $24k with zero marketing.

Project Details

Checkout our presentation : to know everything you need to know about this!

What is included in the sale ?

Our products sold on CodeCanyon. We have made 1180+ sales and roughly $25k+ (before taxes) and $14k (after taxes) on the same.

Let remind you, WE SPENT ZERO DOLLARS on marketing.

Login details to envato, Domain name: is included.

What is the technological stack ?

All our projects use basic Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. The PHP based applications are based on CodeIgniter

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Everything is finished.

Do you have any traffic ?

200-300 Visits per day

Why are you selling ?

Lack of time to maintain this project (We are currently working on a gaming app) 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

This product usually sells good when we provide them with active support. Due to us unable to provide support that fast, We are only getting $200 - $300 per month.

One of our fellow author and rival product, Condor5 made around $50k (This does not include the custom work and addition upgrades) selling his dating script, Luckily; OkDate improved and his product is no longer selling and is now deleted.e

Hi, does this offer include the Envato account? Or just the transfer of the apps?

It includes the envato account.

Does Envato allows "transferring accounts"?

Hello! Please email us at and we'll explain you this question in detail ;-)

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