Buidl School
2 weeks ago

Online Cryptocurrency & Blockchain School

$ 2000
$ 60000

Project Details

What Is Included In The Sale?

Buidl School (formerly B21 Block) is included in its entirety. You will have access to our plethora of content, which stands at 60~ hours of video, teaching people the basics of cryptocurrencies right up to developing decentralised applications.

👉 Udemy with 30~ courses, and access to 100,000+ students.

👉 Skillshare, and Stackcommerce account with a handful of courses hosted on there.

👉 Our site with the course self hosted, and a mailing list with email automations setup.

👉 Social media accounts comprised of 6,000~ Youtube subscribers, 1,000~ Facebook likes, 4,000~ Facebook group members, 350~ Instagram followers, and the Medium blog.

👉 30 day handover period so I can help you iron out any transitional issues (I can offer on-going support at a discounted rate of $50 USD per hour subject to schedule).

What Is The Technological Stack ?

Nothing is, or should be too technologically advanced.

Our school is self-hosted using Podia, and email marketing is with MailerLite. Everything is run in a very lean way, which should benefit the learning curve of the new owner.

Which Parts Of The Project Are Incomplete ?


The product has been built, but there are many features which can be added to fuel growth. I will provide a list of this to the new owner, and any on-going thoughts as well.

As an example, adding sub-titles to each of the videos is one feature. I have emails in my inbox from free users asking for this, only then will the upgrade.

Do You Have Any Traffic ?

Indeed, I use Fathom Analytics.

Over the past month we've had:

👉 518 Unique Visitors

👉 793 Content Views

Why Are You Selling ?

Since the start of the year I've been travelling far more (25 countries on the tally), and committing more time to other projects. Therefore this has been getting neglected. Personally, I'd like the next owner to sign a document ensuring they don't use videos with me on for illegal or illicit purposes. Other than that, pure and simple reason for selling 🙂

How Can The Future Owner Turn The Project Into A Business ?

It's already a business.

However, there are many avenues which could be explored to drive growth.

Medium and Instagram have been great traffic drivers recently. So that's one option. Another option would be to work more on turning free students into paid.

You could even flip it all around, and turn the website into a funnel. The time consuming part is done, having created the huge library of content in this niche.

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