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CERTLocal helps Emergency Response Teams (CERT) connect with members online.

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Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

I started CERTLocal as a quick tool to help communities across the USA connect online. I was a team lead and we didn't have a good way to map where members were and no good way to share information. The unique application includes several key features that have resonated with CERT communities:

1. Geospatial features: Maps of local teams, members, and key points of interest -- all dynamically created and customizable by teams.

2. Team Member directory: Member directory for teams and communities with individual privacy controls to ensure members only display information they want shown. Teams have owners, leaders, and members. Pricing was based on how many teams a person was an owner. Users can belong to multiple teams and see a nice rollup of activities.

3. Member discussion boards: threaded discussion boards for local teams and communities.

4. Ham Radio: CERT Members are also in the amateur radio communities. CERTLocal allows Ham Radio operators to connect online with maps to see where other Hams are and directories.

5. Customized Privacy Controls: Each member can set their privacy controls for both their general account and their ham radio area. Members can determine how much information is shared and how broadly.

Market Size:

FEMA maintains a list of over 2700 registered CERT programs including contact information (name, email, phone, and postal address). This listing spans across all 50 states including many tribal areas in the United States. This website is a great source for potential customers.

Sale includes

Landing Page (certlocal.org)

  • Home page, How It Works, Pricing, and About pages.
  • HTML/CSS with minor PHP.
  • Theme Based on Bootstrap 3.3.7 framework.
  • Responsive design.
  • FontAwesome 5.1.0 icons.

Application (app.certlocal.org)

  • Ruby on Rails Application (Rails 4.x).
  • MySQL Database (using migrations).
  • Primary Gems:
    • geocoder: I used Geocod.io for geocoding. Plugin allows for multiple geocoding services.
    • leaflet-rails: for maps.
    • devise: user registration, login, passwords, etc.
    • stripe: for payment processing.
    • redis: background job management.
  • Application ran on staging and production instances on Heroku. Can be transfered upon request. Heroku add-ons:
    • rollbar: error monitoring.
    • SendGrid: email processing.
    • ClearDB MySQL: database.
    • Redis To Go: redis management.
    • Scheduler: for scheduling cron billing tasks.


  • certlocal.org
  • certlocal.com

Github Repos

  • Landing page repo.
  • Application repo.

What is the technological stack ?

Landing page:



* Rail 4.x
* MySQL Database
* Primary gems: geocoder, leaflet-rails, leaflet-markercluster-rails, devise

Third-Party (will require accounts):

* Heroku (optional) Site was run on Heroku (both prod and staging). Buyer may chose a different host.
* Stripe: for payment processing.
* Geocod.io: for geocoding. Buyer may chose a different geocoding service -- the plugin used is quite flexible.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The application has a SaaS integration with Stripe that was fully developed and staged; however, never deployed to production. Pricing needs to be tested and refined.

Future development roadmap was to build out the enterprise options with membership reports and export options.

Do you have any traffic ?

Light traffic and occasional inbound emails. 

Why are you selling ?

I was passionate about the emergency response community and am no longer an active participant. It's an active network of communities with a problem connecting with members and a keen interest in the geospatial features CERTLocal includes.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

I'd recommend deploying the Stripe integration and buying some AdWords to drive traffic. There are active directories of CERT programs across the country and future owner can begin marketing campaigns to sign up.

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