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An all in one abandoned checkouts recovery Shopify App

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$ 10000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Source code, domain name, A website which will expire on September. 

What is the technological stack ?

Based on PHP core, Javascript, AJAX, Shopify Api, Sendgrid Email

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Push notifications isn’t working on Safari, its need Apple developer subscription then it will be ok.

This may need 2-3K investment if you want to totally revamp that. 1-2K if you will hire a php developer to fix that.

Do you have any traffic ?

Had some currently 300-500. Had 12 Paying users.

Why are you selling ?

When I started thought it’s a small saas but later on realised its not. It’s a big project and I have not enough resources to run this now. Want to start a smaller one by selling it.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

As it’s a Shopify app after fixing those minor bugs it will be on Shopify App Store. The app has potentiality of 20K MRR and 1M ARR if the new owner can run it correctly. I’m talking based on data. I’m also open to take investment for developing the product, while I will develop the product day by day and new owner will get a portion upto 20%. 

Please note: The app is not in Shopify App Store, we had passed three steps and at the last step we found the bug on Push, as technology evolving. 

If you want to invest and be a part of the app then our minimum is 25K. And we will give 20% revenue share for that. 

We are very interested in buying Checkoutify. Can you tell me what it does to recover abandoned shopping carts?

It will send automated email and push notifications based on the store owner’s setting in the app user interface. According to that it will send the email and push notifications. Moreover, the app user will also able to craft manual push notifications and send them/schedule them for future. The manual aka Instant Notifications is best for usage cases like “Flash Sales”

How do push notifications work? (is there a mobile app)

No it’s web base push notifications, it will trigger on web browsers like chrome, Firefox

What are your main competitors?

The main competitor was Recart, but they stopped email and push. So right now no direct competitor. But can name some from different verticals Email : Beautiful Abandoned Cart email Push: PushOwl, Firepush

Are you open for Marketing services? I think it's an excellent product with great potential and it can grow a great deal

I would love to know more about it, not clear about your question. Send me a message on LinkedIn - Ash Ome

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