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freelance service marketplace for software developers

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$ 250

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

+ .com and .net domains

+ user base and posted projects (around 170 active profiles, total 400+ registrations)

+ twitter account (over 800+ followers)

+ full source code including database and microservices

microservices include:

+ a css & js asset minifier that works on the fly, reduces the server side traffic by 50%

+ messenger server, developed for codestunts. allows on-site chat, also possible to extend it by mobile applications.

+ high performance file storage server. allows users to upload files, get short links for them. they're synced with backblaze and amazon s3 storage after couple minutes later which allows faster downloads from anywhere around the world

+ telemetry server: to anonymously track visitor and user behaviour on site

What is the technological stack ?

PHP 7.x with a custom codeigniter fork, microservices developed in node.js

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

fully functional

Do you have any traffic ?

barely getting 1-2 freelancer sign-ups per day but no jobs since one year


Why are you selling ?

It's abandoned first by my co-founder who responsible from marketing, then i abandoned it after got interest with other business alternatives 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Reach to possible people such as digital agencies, small businesses who would like to get job done with less economical throughput

Would you develop it further if progress on getting jobs posted could be made?

Yes, there was ton on features & ideas had in my mind. Just out of funds to accomplish them. Still got some motivation to work on this project.

I am very interested in this project! Please allow me to purchase the site.

you can find contact information on original project

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