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CrawlCenter is a cloud based on page SEO crawler app

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$ 999

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Full source code (frontend, and backend), domain name, and database

What is the technological stack?

Java (JSF, JDBC), Bootstrap, CSS

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

None, you can test the reports by logging into the site with as username and 123 as password.

Do you have any traffic?

Yes, the site gets some visitors from search engines (about 100) without any marketing. The pages of the site get about 800 impressions every day. 

Why are you selling?

I had built this site to keep an eye on the on-page SEO of my blogs. I am a developer. I didn't want to waste my money on screaming frog. I have sold most of my blogs as I have built some large applications. I want to focus on my bigger projects. I also tried to monetize crawlcenter, but failed in doing so because of the following reasons:

Paypal in my country has some restrictions. Stripe, the most trusted payment platform isn't operational in my country yet. Other payment gateways allow merchants with registered business to accept payments in USD/Euros. They don't allow individuals to accept payments in nondomestic currencies. I can't register a business right now.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

Join an affiliate marketplace such as ShareASale/commission junction/Jvzoo for marketing purpose, promote it on Facebook/Instagram, add a payment gateway

Hello, I am interested in your offering and wonder how the crawling is realize? Also in Java or is it a script? Best

it's a java based crawler which runs at specific times via cronjob.

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