Creative Africa
1 year ago

African creatives curated in one place

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$ 950

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Source Code (NodeJS backend with Express, Frontend with Pug templating). Contact pages (hosted with Domain (Registered in Namecheap). Social Networks (Twitter and Pinterest). MailChimp mailing list (currently 51 emails).

What is the technological stack ?

Backend: NodeJS with Express.

Database: MongoDB running on

Frontend: Pug templating language, jQuery and Bootstrap

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Project is complete but need some attention to grow it and make it profitable

Why are you selling ?

There is a big potential here as it's the only site providing this kind of curation. It needs some attention in order to make it profitable (see next section for details). I'm selling it as I don't have time to work on it and it's against the policy of my current employer.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

From the start, my plan for Creative Africa was:

1. Grow audience: Pinterest is a good lead as it generates lot of pins for artistic content, also the site is ranking first in Google for keywords like: African creatives, creative Africa...

2. Introduce Featured Content: so far, we only feature solo creatives. No agencies and no multiple owners are accepted. When you have good audience, introduce Featured content where agencies can post their work on the site. Their work will live there forever as it's part of the site's mission: show African creatives to the world (this is different than Adwords or some cheap ads system, you can charge a lot for it)

3. Make it easy for visitors to hire creatives using the platform. Something like, do you like this artwork? Hire the creative behind it. This will make it easy for African creatives to get hired

4. Introduce a creative jobs board where companies can post job offers

Those ideas can help you turn this project to a real business

Hi, what is the last price your willing to accept, im also african and understand your reason for the site.

I can go down to 800$ if you're interested

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