Crypto Teller Machine
2 months ago

Simple buy-only Bitcoin ATM machine company. 100% made in USA, with custom software.

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$ 500

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Software, test machine (bill acceptor, screen, computer, barcode scanner - no housing).  Plans for new machines (CAD drawings, part numbers). Contacts with out current manufacturer and parts supplier.  Contacts with 2 of our current/former customers which might be transitioned to 

Optional: 1-6 functional machines, ready for field use. Our customer is looking to sell them back to us and we have the option to re-buy.

What is the technological stack ?

Backend: AWS - RDS, EC2

Frontend/Hardware: Raspberry Pi OS, JS, HTML, Chromium

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

None.  We sold 5 machines to a customer in the state of Georgia and the system completed several hundred USD to BTC transactions.

Do you have any traffic ?

No.  We never focused on web traffic.

Why are you selling ?

Partner and I launched our own projects and this took a back seat. 

While we sold 5 machines (at a profit) and got a $5000 non-equity R&D check from a potential customer, we were faced with selling into the crypto cliff in early 2018.

No new customers, or people dragging their feet on expressed interest.  We were running at revenue-neutral since our customer was paying server fees, but no growth.

Time to move on now.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Two options:

1. Build and sell machines.  Collect server/maintenance fees.  This is made easier by the option to purchase existing machines and sell them to customers immediately.

2. Buy the business and machines and operate the ATMs yourself.  The per-unit cost is much lower than even the cheapest used General Bytes machine.  Make money by selling BTC to real-world users and pocket the price spread on your machines.

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