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Free PHP Script for Selling Downloads with Paypal

$ 0
$ 800

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

- Domain (6-yo domain)
- Website source code
- Old PHP script source code
- New PHP script source code (incomplete)
- Migration assistance

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Pretty complete. I used to sell it on CodeCanyon and made $1,419.00 in sales. I took it down when I thought it requires an update. But I never did it. I did minor bug updates though. The script still works.

Later I put it up back again, but not CodeCanyon.net, but for free in exchange for email address. I built a mailing list on GetResponse. Maybe I suck at email copywriting and autoresponders. I didn't put much effort in there though.

I have a new DIPPEC version 2. But it requires some more coding especially with payment integration. It needs to integrate it with the new PayPal API and also Stripe.

Do you have any traffic ?

I think I lost the Google Analytics in between some updates. But the site has good ranking for some keywords on Google for example:

- free digital download php script
- digital product selling script 
- digital download script

I average about 1 new subscriber per day with no advertising and all organic traffic.

Why are you selling ?

I want to move on to other projects.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

- The 274 subscribers will probably be eager to get the new version of DIPPEC
- You can write a better email sequence in the autoresponder and make offers to your other products or affiliate offers

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