Dog Niche Clickfunnels Store
2 months ago

Selling personalized dog harnesses through sales funnel

$ 53
$ 599

Project Details

Looking for a way to start your e-commerce adventure but not sure how to get started?

I'm selling my dog niche dropshipping funnel I've set up when I was in between jobs. The dog/pet niche is HUGE and the store is selling a very high quality and unique product which, for example, isn't available on Amazon or Chewy.

After running PPC ads to it I've gotten several sales and acquired some very happy clients. Now that I've landed my dream job I'm just happy for someone else to take this over and run it.

From this premium domain clients can order high-quality (confirmed!) dog harnesses on which they can print their dogs name. People love this kind of personal touch and feedback has been extremely positive.

While this is a dropshipping store, all products are sent from the USA which means <7 days delivery time which is definitely a USP compared to other stores that might sell products that are similar.

What is included in the sale ?

- Premium domain (
- Logo
- Video Assets for PPC Campaigns
- Cart Abandonment Email Sequence
- Supplier Contact in the USA
- Fully automated sales funnel from Clickfunnels
- Optional: tips and pointers on how to run Facebook/Insta ads
- List of existing clients and leads (+-30)

What is the technological stack ?

Clickfunnels. No tech involved.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

All good to go. I've paused the account for now until someone is willing to take it over. After that, it's just plug&play.

Do you have any traffic ?

200+ after running some ads

Why are you selling ?

Landed my dream job! :)

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It already is a unique business with very high potential. US based shipment, unique and personal product from high quality, premium domain. Will be easy to turn this into a $3k+ p/month store within weeks.

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