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A smart Upwork / Freelancer Alert Robot

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$ 1999

Project Details

EarlyBrd is an alerting bot for Upwork that I built after being upset that this feature wasn't built into Upwork. I wanted to know about jobs as soon as they were posted...apparently so did many others. So I built this simple SaaS website and used it for myself and then let others use it.

What is included in the sale ?

Domain, Code, documentation, marketing materials, beta customers, social media accounts, roadmap for features, my trello board...the whole thing!

Code is currently running on AWS right now very cheaply and the account can be transferred as well.

What is the technological stack ?

EarlyBrd runs on a Flask front-end built with html and the bulma css framework. The front-end talks to a postgres container back-end. A 'scraper' Python container polls the DB and handles the alerting and indexing logic of jobs. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The project is complete! Additional features need to be built out and marketing needs to be done. 

Do you have any traffic ?

I did a soft-launch and hit a spike of users and ultimately had a pretty good reception. 

I have around 5-10 Beta-users at the moment that have provided lots of feedback and enjoy the product regularly.

Why are you selling ?

I work full-time and have other side projects I want to dedicate time to. I just don't have the time to maintain the project.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Most of the heavy lifting has been done to code the project. Additional features and marketing can be done to iterate on what I've built and make the project more appealing. Expanding into other freelancing platforms or adding additional features for freelancers to manage their jobs would be appealing.

I have some survey results from my beta-users on features they'd like to see. 

There is a lot of potential here for something that many users are looking for.

How is EarlyBrd different/better than other competing or similar apps?

Idk but if you want to try it and compare I’ll let you

Hi there ! Wondering if this is still for sale ? Thanks Ben

Hi Ben -- just seeing your message. I am still considering selling, yes!

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