Earnathon - Earn Money Quiz
2 weeks ago

Want to earn money by just playing?? Introducing the #Best App "EARNATHON" $$$

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Both Main App and Admin App is for sale along with source code for both. Main App has a payment gateway already built-in along with Admob integration. Buyers are free to modify the source code.

What is the technological stack?

Language used: Kotlin
Backend: Firebase
Architecture: MVP

Which parts of the project are incomplete?
Project Complete

Do you have any traffic?

Not much traffic...I have 1000 downloads..with 50-60 daily active users

Why are you selling?

I am working on a new app idea, hence not able to focus on this one. Earnathon has to be a little bit polished and the model has to be tweaked a little.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

The business model of the app is very simple: users purchase subscriptions, play quiz and if they win or lose they make money. From the business perspective, there are two revenue streams, one is from subscription and the other one is from AdMob.
The new owner can tweak the look of the app if he wants, or he may tweak the subscription amount or player's payout amount a little bit so that the owner remains net cash positive on every quiz played.

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