9 months ago

A simple online invitation generator.

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$ 150

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

The source code. App is built using Laravel 5.5.

What is the technological stack ?

Laravel 5.5, Google Map Integration

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The app in itself is simple and can be extended any which way you need.

Why are you selling ?

I have been maintaining the project since Jan of 2018 but I could not find time to update or manage the site.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

I see a saas potential for this app, but like I mentioned I dont have the time to turn it into a business.

How many invites can be sent in one go?

There are no invite system, here's flow of the site 1. You fill a form with details about your event. Eg, date, title, description, venue and so on. 2. A page is generated for your event with the provided details. You get a simple url and a qr code 3. You can share this with friends and family or the social media. They can view the event page for details about the event.

Where I can check the app?

The demo version of the app is live at https://eventli.simplestweb.in

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