Fasdeal - Local Deals Software
5 months ago

Local deals website & android app with full admin panel to manage offers, stores, users, payments

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$ 4999

Project Details

Fasdeal.com is a local deals platform built on laravel framework that can be interchangeably also used as an e-commerce portal.

- Adding deals, stores, users & banner images can be fully done with the help of admin panel.

- Payment gateway integrated (India). With basic coding knowledge, any gateway be integrated.

What is included in the sale ?

Domain Name, Code, Android App, Admin Panel are included in the sale. 

What is the technological stack ?

Laravel backend, Bootstrap Front End. Integrated with Google Tag Manager to manage marketing scripts & analytics. Marketing Friendly as the SEO is adjustable at code level for multiple stores at one go. Android App is location aware and pulls nearest deals and filters as per user input. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

This is a fully functional site that we used to run our own business. Additional marketing features could be added by new owner such as exit intent pop-ups, live chat etc.

Do you have any traffic ?

The website currently receives traffic of about 500-600 users per month from India. Adding relevant location data can easily help push the traffic upwards in relevant locations.

Why are you selling ?

We have tried to sell local deals with little success. Overall we were able to do a business of around $50k-60k in 18 months and that wasn't enough for us to keep our ship afloat. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It is a readymade platform that can be converted into a deals platform. Alternatively, it can be also be used to run ecommerce business

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