Facebook Lead Ads Sync SaaS
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Sync Facebook Lead Ads leads to your CRM: InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, MailChimp and Aweber

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What is included in the sale ?

Compete with Leads Bridge with this source code.


Sell to digital marketing agencies, retail, real state, automotive and financial services industries. 

Hey, Jorge Diaz here

I am the founder of the Lead Layer platform.

Thanks for stoping by to this listing.

Facebook Introduced in November 2015 another Ad modality called Facebook Lead Ads.

There was a problem with Facebook Lead Ads, and no integration to CRMs were available directly from Facebook, people relied on third party services.

So i decided to build the platform myself and build a SaaS (Software as a Service ) business. I decided to charge $29 USD and $199 USD per year, and for the launch phase offer a life time license of $197 USD one time payment.

Lead Layer Conecta connects to the Facebook Marketing API to get the your emails subscribers from Facebook Lead Ads Directly into your favorite CRM or Email Marketing Automation Software: InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, MailChimp and Aweber.

Starting 2016 we created Lead Layer Conecta and launched on the Spanish speaking market. 

Demo video in Spanish


Here are the Sales we made in the Spanish Market

Here is the sales page that got $3 USD Earnings per Click to Affiliates, that go us the sales above. We gave 50% commission to Affiliates. 


I can help you set it up for marketing in the English Speaking market.

What is the technological stack ?

• Angular JS
• Node JS
• Grails

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The project is complete.

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

I don't have the resources to continue the project and i feel that a new owner with financial resources can get this project making money. I shut down the Lead Layer App starting 2017.

I will help you migrate the Wordpress site to your own server and will get access for FREE to Thrive Themes plugins worth $228.00 per year to create, sales pages, landing pages, marketing quiz tests and many more things.

Also i will help you deploy Facebook Lead Ads Sync Solution on your own server and you will have full rights and ownership of the Source Code that costs $30,000 USD to develop.

This is what you need to do Next.

You need to bid right now to win the auction for this SaaS business or you can just click the Buy Now button to get it now. I am thinking of putting the reserve price at $5,000 USD, so you could win a full fledged SaaS business that you can start to sell right away.

Remember that this software took 6 months to develop and the real costs of development is $30,000 USD, you are getting it for less than that and being able to sell it right away.

You are getting full rights to the source code and i will not be able to sell it again.

Ask me anything you want and i will answer to your questions ASAP.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Un Advertised Bonus

You will get with the sale of this Auction another SaaS business. You will get $50,000 USD worth of source code of an original built from scratch SaaS business.

It’s a mobile iOS SDK to integrate with mobile apps. 

You can integrate a mobile landing page that users can edit easily with a visual landing page editor inside the Lead Layer dashboard. 

You don't need to update your app to make changes to your mobile landing pages.


All your email subscribers goes into your favorite CRM or autoresponder like Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, MailChimp and Aweber to create Email Marketing campaigns.

The launch of the Lead Layer Platform was on the 15 of September of 2015

We appeared on the Press on several sites







Thanks for reading this, and if you are interested just let me know and we can jump on a Skype Call

Talk to you soon,


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