Fitness Freebies
1 year ago

An automated, free daily raffle within the Fitness industry.

$ 20
$ 1000

Project Details Please note: Screenshots were taken during development of website, so there may be a few design tweaks in current site. Google Analytics screenshot shows month 1 of launch. Database of almost 1000 sign ups, fully integrated with Mailchimp. Great relationship with partner companies and affiliate partners.

What is included in the sale ?

All backup files of the website including database of almost 1000 sign ups and social media accounts. 

What is the technological stack ?

WordPress with custom code in php. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Nothing. It is fully functional and automated. 

Do you have any traffic ?

Traffic screenshot above in imgur shows traffic levels month 1 of the launch. When site was taken down, we had just under 1000 subscribers. 

Why are you selling ?

Pursuing other ventures, hence time constraint. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It is already monetized. Very good relationship with affiliate partners, including giants such as myprotein, bulk powders, protein dynamix and many more. Future owner could also pursue adsense for additional revenue stream. 

Hi, The freebies are only for UK citizens ? Thanks

Yes, our partners are all UK based. Currently the raffle is only open to UK customers but it is something that can be changed.

How easy is it to reestablish the partnerships for the new owner?

All of our partners are startups who are very willing to work with like-minded companies who can benefit from each other. It's in their interest to get their brand out there and a platform like this is exactly what they need.

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