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Custom Snapchat Filter Designs

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Project Details

Welcome to my listing for the site This site was launched in May of 2016 and was one of the first and most popular sites to provide custom Snapchat filters. It generated over $14,000 profit (revenue is attached below) within the main 5 months it was running, while spending only $10 per month in expenses (hosting). As you can see from our gallery, we have designed filters for high end companies and locations across the world. This is the opportunity to own a site within the popular niche of Snapchat filters, that already has a great amount of credibility. 

Please ask all questions in the Questions area instead of sending one in the offers section. 

Site Design

This site is built on Wordpress, with a fully custom design and branding. The site builder is super easy to use if you want to make any edits or create new pages. You will receive source files for all brand assets.

How It Works

When a customer submits an order, it is sent into our backend with the customer notes, including the details they need in the creation of their Snapchat filter.  The site accepts Paypal and payments go directly to your account. You send these details to a third party designer (which I will provide) or design the filter yourself. 

Once the filter is complete, you upload the file to the backend and the customer receives an email that their order is ready. If the customer has an revisions, they are able to submit their comments on their order page, and you are then notified of their message through email. The system is seamless and very easy for you and the customer to communicate throughout the entire order process. 

The Suppliers

I will provide a list of high quality designers that can produce the filters for $5-15 (depending on how complex the filter is).

SEO & Analytics

This site is currently ranked #13 for “buy Snapchat filters” in Google. We have not advertised at all with Instagram or Facebook ads, but that would be a huge opportunity to take this site to the next level. The original domain was, but was then changed to At peak time this site was getting over 50,000 views per month without spending a single dollar on advertising. All organic search traffic! You can see both Google Analytics reports attached at the bottom of this listing.

Social Media Around 4,000 Followers

Why are we selling?

Around August of 2016, we pursued other business ventures while still leaving the site up. If you have experience or interest in social media, this is a great time to take an already credible site to the next level.

What you will receive

  • All site files and assisted transfer and setup to your hosting
  • Domain transfer of
  • Designer Options 
  • Instagram account
  • Mailing list of over 4,300 email addresses

Hi, How much traffic are you receiving at the moment along with your MRR? Thanks, Liam

In the past 30 days it has received 187 views and $0 in revenue. I have not focused on marketing this project recently, as I did not have time. The backend of this system is seamless and allows customers to respond with revision feedback for easy communication. Once you upload a design, the customer is notified and given the chance to submit feedback for changes. Along with the sale, I will provide an automated marketing strategy for acquiring new customers directly on Instagram (not Instagram ads).

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