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900+ article travel website with over 35000 users in the last 6 months

$ 200
$ 3999

Project Details

Currently, it's monetized through Google Adsense (~$50-$80 per month) and by accepting sponsored guest posts (1-3 posts per month and we charge $40-$100 per publication)

Expenses include $20/mo for hosting and $5/mo for Google email.

What is included in the sale ?

What is the technological stack ?

Wordpress (hosted on

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

It's a complete project.

Do you have any traffic ?

Why are you selling ?

    • I have other projects which are doing well, and I don’t have enough time to grow this project.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Most of the users are females who are 25-45 y/o from the US and Canada, and interested in traveling - These are some places from where you can connect with our target market.

Business models:
1. Ecommerce (find a product from and sell it to users)

2. Do product review blog posts (Affiliate marketing)

3. Something else (get more ideas from[]=Travel)

Hi How many articles/posts are published in a month ? Who are the publishers ? What is the minimum you will take ?

We typically post 2-3 posts per months. Some are sponsored posts and some are from contributors (exposure for them, for us it's free content)

Hi, you mention 900 posts, 450 published. Are the other 450 unpublished posts part of the sale. Analytics also pls. Than

They were all published (900+ articles) but I removed articles with low traffic. All those posts can be refreshed and reposted again. Yes, all those removed articles will be included in the final sale.

Can you show the video proof for earnings and guest post requests ?

Paypal Transactions

Do you have any fixed contracts/arrangements with your authors listed on the website? (leading to additional costs)

No, currently I don't spend any money to produce content.

How do you handle copyright for the images used on (stock photo subscription / provided by author)

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