Go Gifters - Giftcard
5 months ago

GoGifters is a online digital gifting service which makes gifting experience simple yet joyful

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$ 1299

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

- Domain
- All site Backup files and database
- Branding stuff
- Backend Panel access
- Great domain name
- Users List

What is the technological stack ?

Project Build with: 
Html, Css, Javascript, Angular 6, Php and MySQL.

Project Backend Panel:

Backend Admin panel available to access the data, add, edit, remove giftcards.
See who sent giftcards (normal / paid)
Get the list of users, sent giftcard with all the details (ip, name, email etc)
You can monitor all the activity from backend panel.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Project Is compete, fully working and live.

Do you have any traffic ?

200-300 users as of now without any marketing or seo.

Why are you selling ?

Im working on My ChatBot project and I have less time to manage my other projects.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?
- Future owner can improve this website by adding more beautiful giftcards and add enable payment for all giftcard sent.
- Add Wallet module where users can send/receive money as well with cards.
- Add other cards too e.g amazon, playstore, etc redeemable cards on site.
- Add Mobile text support if user don’t have recipient email address.
- Owner can add this iste on their existing website/brand as another service for their users.

Is business making any money thanks

So far at the backend data I have few users who used our service. I haven't done any marketing or any other efforts to add more additional services to make it more feature rich site.

Are you connected to a gift card provider in the back-end, or are you only a front end interface ?

I have both Backend and Frontend, where you can design a giftcard for occasion and upload it. This giftcard is complete project and does not depend on any third party giftcard api or services.

I'm interested. Does this service email digital greeting cards to people or prepaid gift cards with cash on them?

As of now it has Digital Greetings but future owner can add dital payments to send money through cards.

Is the system not working right now? It doesn't allow me to send a card, the send button is grayed out (not active)

You have to fill all the required details, if not the button is disabled. IF you missed on anything or entered wrong details it will be disable.

In the message form, the system doesn't allow you to use a period. Is it supposed to have this restriction?

Yes I have restricted the symbols / charmap characters in message section to avoid any database injection or output of message in the email which is sent to recipients.

How does the recipient redeem the gift card for an actual gift ? Is this only an electronic greeting card?

As of now this is electronic gifting and sending money and other features can be built by future owner.

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