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Stunning book aggregator featuring reading recommendations from great thought leaders

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Great Reads curates book recommendations from leading thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs. This is a starter site, but it is live (with 570 unique visitors and 1,400 page views in March 2019) and ready to be monetized and, given the popularity of book lists, has a lot of potential. 


As avid readers, my team and I saw an opportunity to build a beautiful book site that curates reading recommendations from thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs and other influencers of our time.

Given the wealth of both well known masterpieces and hidden gems, we believe thought leaders are one of the best sources for weeding out the best from all the rest.

We are also excited about finding an amazing domain name ( to fit the concept.


— Website designed on Squarespace

— Domain hosted by Godaddy

— Over 200+ book recommendations and book covers sourced from dozens of influencers and linked to the Amazon Associates affiliate program for easy monetization

— User-friendly search and filtering features, making it easy for visitors to find books they will love

— An affiliate shop (using Viglink to monetize) that features elevated products for reading enthusiasts

— Email opt-in plus high-quality lead magnet and evergreen welcome email

— A blog pre-populated with a series of 20 book roundup lists

— A Pinterest account (with 8.1k monthly unique viewers), we are pre-populating with graphics and will re-pin from our Pinterest accounts to further drive traffic  


The easiest way to monetize this is to create Pinterest graphics, link them to the roundup posts, and pin them to the account we set up.

Keep writing 1-2 roundup posts per week and keep pinning using book and reading search terms that are popular on Pinterest (such as 'best books to read'). You will definitely start generating some nice traffic in a month or so if you stay consistent and will also see nice affiliate earning come in. 

Once you get about 25,000 unique monthly visits apply to Mediavine, a premium ad network, and start making money via ads on a RPM (earnings per thousands impression) basis as their payouts are excellent. It's pretty much a no-brainer given the mass popularity of this category. 


This was a labor of love as it took us hours to decide on the influencers, scour their websites and social channels to get their recommendations, pull the book covers, load everything into the website, link to Amazon and then pull together round up posts to highlight them.

This is a stunning website that is ready to monetize and perfect for the entrepreneur who is also a reading enthusiast. Note that we are a small 2-person brand studio that creates a bunch of content sites as side projects — mostly to keep and make money from, but a few we decide to sell. 

Wondering how much regular traffic, if any, the site gets and from where?

It is a starter website so no traffic yet though we are in the process of setting up a Pinterest account that can be used to jumpstart traffic. We will also repin some posts to our Pinterest accounts to give it a boost.

Does the site have any traffic?

No it is a starter website but we are in the process of setting up a Pinterest account that can be used to jumpstart traffic. We will also repin some posts our Pinterest accounts to give it a boost.

Are the affiliate links able to be easily converted to another Amazon affiliates account, or is there one established?

Hi, yes, the site has been accepted to both Viglinks and Skimlinks. We will work with them to transfer the accounts to you (take your pick of which one you want to use). Both of them have overwrite functionality to re-affiliate the Amazon links.

Hi, Nice site. How much are the monthly / annual running costs for your site? Thanks Richard

As of now we do everything in house (curating books, writing articles, integrating affiliate products, marketing on Pinterest) so the only cost are the Squarespace website and Gsuite (about $25 per month). Thanks!

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