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1.2 million pageviews and ~$100k in revenue per year selling DIY electric guitar kits

$ 10000
$ 78000

Project Details

The e-commerce store has ~1.2M pageviews, ~300k sessions, ~200k engaged visitors, ~$100k in revenue per year.

Featured as one of the best DIY Guitar Kits sites for 2019:

The project has great potential to grow further. As you can see from the below links the domain name (brand) is very healthy.


What is included in the sale ?

The website with the domain name, 3rd party subscriptions (worth ~$300), email list (~6k), email marketing campaign and all the social media accounts.

And inventory worth of ~US$4000.

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Everything is complete.

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes. ~300k sessions per year. ~86% are organic from Google

Why are you selling?

We don’t have enough time and resources to scale and optimize the supply part of the business (adding more products to sell, improving delivery time, etc.)

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Someone with time and passion for electric guitars can grow the revenue & profits. Current website conversion rate is about 0.10% (industry average for e-commerce stores is about 4%). By adding more products to sell with lower average transaction value (current average transaction value is $260) you can increase conversion rate and overall revenue.

You can also decrease shipping time by for stock products by working with US-based fulfillment services (currently, we work with two manufacturers from China and store/ship from their warehouse which is not the fastest way since ~80% of our customers are from the US).

Can be turned into a software company/marketplace. To learn more contact me.

What is your yearly net? Is there any seasonality to your business?

Yes. We tend to have more orders from October to March than during summer months.

I'm interested in receiving more information about guitarkitworld so I am able to make a more informed offer.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the business make your offers so I can see your emails and get back to you. Thanks!

What is the net revenue? Can you provide proof of the gross revenue and net revenue numbers?

For the last fiscal year, it was $99,104 after refunds.

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