Hey Labs
8 months ago

Form processing for static websites.

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$ 900

Project Details

HeyLabs is a form processing service I built a few years ago. Basically providing the "action" URL for HTML forms, similar to formspree.io but with more features like MailChimp integration, spam protection, etc. It was originally geared towards designers with static portfolios that didn't have server-side knowledge to include a contact form on their website.

I didn't have the wherewithal to market it (though it did have 1 paying customer at some point) so I just let it sit. I'm selling it now, as-is. I know for one the framework I built it on is on an outdated version, so there may be some hurdles related to that, if you decide to upgrade. It has built-in freemium monetization (see the Pricing page: https://heylabs.co/pricing-features/) and SendGrid & Stripe integration.

What is included in the sale ?

- WordPress website (marketing site)
- Web app
- Domain
- Logo / brand / copy

What is the technological stack ?

PHP (CodeIgniter) and MySQL plus some vanilla JavaScript.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

- Blog (no posts)
- Knowledgeable

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

I think I did something cool and I want to see someone run with it.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Tell people about it. Get backlinks from web design blogs. Social ads. SEO. (What the blog and knowledgeable were gonna be for.)

Cool idea, but does it work? I tested it, and got this message, when I hit enter on my form: "string(82) "SMTP connect()

Hi, thanks for your question! SendGrid isn't compatible with PHPMailer anymore, a switch to their SDK is required. I've been offering to make the switch in private with people who have made an offer, but since it's a quick switch, I did it just now. You can try to send an email again and it should work as expected. Also I'm happy to work with the buyer to get everything updated & running smoothly after purchase.

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