High Low God
1 year ago

HighLowGod is a reminder to reflect on your high, low, and God moments of each day.

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Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Source code, three domain names (highlowgod.com, hilogod.com and highlowgodmoments.com), current user database with phone numbers, email addresses, and moments, and HLG Facebook page.

What is the technological stack ?

Front-end for the website is HTML/CSS/Bootstrap 4. Backend is Nginx/Node.js/Express.js with MySQL databases for handling incoming texts (Twilio API) and firing off replies (whether for new signups or for incoming replies to the automated prompts). Another server is set up running a Python script cron job for sending out new texts at the appropriate time each day. Both of these servers are currently set up on DigitalOcean Linux boxes, and the database is hosted on Amazon RDS.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Currently, the project is 100% up and running and self-sustaining. However, there are many features I advertised in the beginning that didn't get completed. The primary one is building a user "dashboard" where users can log in (probably via a single-use code texted to them per login to maintain the current streamlined on-boarding  process) and view their moments from each day. Another features was to maybe include a paid version where you could edit your past moments, change the time you were texted each day, etc. Also, the code wasn't written to handle daylight savings time, so that will need to be fixed as of a few days ago (unless you wait until the time switches again!).

Why are you selling ?

I started this over the summer when I had a lot more free time than I do now. I simply don't have the time to work on this project and maintain it any longer. I would love to implements the new features I discussed above, but I would rather hand it off to someone who can give it the attention I can't.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

Currently, revenue is in the red (but not my much). HighLowGod is completely free to use and there are no paid options. The monthly expenses are Twilio (right now around $10-15), DigitalOcean (no more than a few bucks a month), and Amazon RDS (~$20/month). I believe their is huge potential for HLG to make a lot of money, and here are a few ideas I had: 1) Adding a paid subscription version which gives users an option to view an online dashboard with their moments, edit moments, change the time they receive texts each day, etc. 2) selling small booklets with people's moments in them, i.e. each page is one day, and the pages each have all three of their moments from that day on them, 3) integrating with large churches or religious digital media groups to use HLG's technology to submit prayer requests during gatherings, etc. and charging them a monthly fee, and 4) growing the user database of phone numbers and emailing addresses and selling the company to a religious organization like Lifeway.

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