4 months ago

Automated Dropshipping Weed Accessories Business

$ 100
$ 2500

Project Details

This store has weed and smoke accessories. This store has weed niche related clothing too.

1. Seller Bio

This is developed by the seller with all the features. The seller is a web developer and he is willing to provide future updates and maintenance once you buy it.

2. Executive Summary

Weed Industry is once of the fast growing industry, even it is illegal in few countries, its becoming legal. Weed accessories has no legal problem when selling. You can sell the products for higher margin.

3. Highlights

This  niche has fewer competition and you can easily market the website with a few hundred of invest in marketing. Since this store selling cloths for both men and women, you can sell more products than you expect.

4. Operations

You can easily import the products from the marketplace with one click. You can easily edit the pictures and remove the seller's brand and sell it in the website without any doubts. The website will automatically update the stock, price and availability and it can order your customer's order with one click.

5. Customers

The customer base is huge for this niche, the seller already create social media accounts and create a respectable amount of followers. You will get a automated solution for Instagram marketing. The seller selling the Instagram account, It will automatically follow, comment, send message, unfollow and post from other pages automatically. It will help you to grow your business.

6. Financials

The seller selling this site because he had some urgent things to deal with and do not have resource to invest time. Without any marketing it already doing great google search, and had few customers even with 400% price margin, the current price lowered and if you wish you can update anyway you want.

7. Seller Notes

The seller planning to sell it as soon as possible, Try to buy it as you can, the seller will give 2 other related niche domains too. Message to him to know about it. The price is not negotiable. This website have potential to sell in thousands per day with correct marketing.

Where do u get the supply from? Will I need to be a member of something for the supply of the site to continue?

It will get the products from Aliexpress, You don't need to do anything, It has auto fulfillment and necesary stock and price update. You can import products as many as you want. Already getting few sales in the site without any marketing. Google search is pretty decent too.

What is the tech stack?

This is built by using WordPress

Can you share a screenshot of Google Analytics showing how many users are visiting per month from search engines?


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