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Automated marketing platform typically generating $2,000+ /month. Includes database of 2,500 clients

$ 2000
$ 10000

Project Details

About the website

This is a marketing website/tool I created in late 2017 as a way to solve a personal pain point with launching new businesses - getting customers, traffic and press.

Since launching, the site has generated over $60,000+ NZD from more than 2,500 paying (and non-paying) clients. All of these clients and their business details are stored in a database which is included in the sale.

I have poured countless amounts of hours of work into designing this website, the platform and content from scratch. It's been a hard decision to sell, but sales have recently slowed and I have a job + new projects I'd like to focus on.

Why am I selling?

I'm working on new websites and recently hired as a contractor which now takes up most of my time. I believe I've reached the limit of what I personally can achieve with Instaaa and despite the revenue it's generated, sales are slowing and I'm losing the passion I once had for it.

I think the 'automated PR' space is extremely exciting and Instaaa is at the forefront of it, however I've struggled to iterate on features and lack the abilities required to grow the business to it's full potential.

Site potential

This site is fully automated and requires no manual work to operate other than paying a single outsourced worker and responding to customer queries. Clients are added to a database where they can be removed, added or updated. All manual work is automated by and PHP queries.

Being automated leaves a lot of time for the new owner to focus on marketing efforts and growth.

What marketing or advertising has been done?

Most traffic is organic, with a lot of it sourced from places such as Product Hunt, Twitter or Facebook. The site has been top of Product Hunt multiple times. I've tried Facebook advertising but saw no benefits. I recently hired someone to browse Q&A websites and promote the site through word of mouth which seemed to work well. 

How does the site make money?

The site generates money through one time payments. Users complete a form with their business information before selecting a promotional package, ranging from $67 to $347. You can view all of the prices and packages at

All payments are processed through

How much effort is required to run the site?

The site is extremely low maintenance. Submissions are automatically added to a database and Stripe updates customers automatically. Zapier powers everything else including emails, submissions and follow-ups.  I have a single outsourced worker who handles the submissions and will also be transferred with the sale to continue working. He is paid weekly and will alert you if anything goes wrong.

What costs are included in running the site?

Zapier - $20 /month (free option also available)
Migadu - $5 /month (free option also available)
Outsourced work - Depends on amount of customers you have that month. He charges $5 for a $67 customer, $10 for a $117 customer and $15 for a $347 customer.

What costs are included in running the site?

The sale will include:

All 2,500+ customers and their information + business information
Transfer of the domain name
Transfer of the hosting (if possible with host)
All social media assets, including Twitter & Facebook
Transfer of Zapier account with automated Zaps
Contact information for advertisers and any other connections

I'm happy to spend a few days with you in order to help you learn the ropes and what's involved. If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me or leave a comment.

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