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Endless stream of conversation starters, useful facts and science bits

$ 20
$ 4000

Project Details


Most successful mentions compilation

What is included in the sale ?

Source code and a working automated website (adsense, automatic posting to Twitter and Facebook).

- Domains: and

- Mailchimp list of around 2000 subscribers.

- Facebook and Twitter accounts, around 3000 fans.

What is the technological stack ?
- PHP, MySQL and Javascript

Why are you selling ?
- Although the website is popular I'm a designer and don't know how to get more users and increase the MRR more than the 20€ per month.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?
- More visitors will increase the MRR

Hi! What's your process for finding facts and adding them to the site? Wondering how much work is needed Thanks Chris

Hi Chris, We don't have any defined process. Usually when we read something interesting on the internet, we write it down. We started with just a few facts, but they've added up. If you are asking how much time it takes to write a fact, probably a couple of minutes, but we've been doing this in the past few years. If you have any other questions or have an offer please let me know.

Thanks! A few more Q's:

FYI these questions and answers are public. Give us your name and email so we can share other details there. TL;DR: posting to facebook/twitter/newsletter is completely automated, all backlinks are white hat, we use simple custom made CMS by me, hosting costs are close to nothing -- images are hosted on imgur.

Hi thanks very much for answering. Please send screenshots of analytics & adsense.

Please give us your email. Probably you need to make an offer first, because this conversation is public.

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