[iOS] Personal fitness trainer
1 week ago

AppleBerry personal trainer is a fitness app that helps the user to exercise

Project Details


  • 20 workouts 

  • 3 fitness challenges (7 days to 21 days duration)

  • 66 exercises 

  • 7 meal plans 

  • HealthKit integration(Gets the users data and recommends workouts that are best suited for him)

  • In-app purchase integrated

  • Google adMob

  • Dependency management (CocoaPods integration)

  • Keychain integrated to encrypt curtain data 

  • Local notifications (user can set up a notification so he can remind himself to workout)

  • Custom workout maker (User can create and save custom workouts)
  • Achievement counter ( Counts calories burned, exercises completed, time exercised )
  • Settings screen

What is included in the sale ?
Source code 

3D Model ( with all the exercises ) 

All assets of the app 

Ownership rights 

All intellectual property

What is the technological stack ?

The app is built using the latest iOS frameworks and technologies with Swift 5.1 (Native app) and supports iOS 10.3, 11, 12 and latest OS. The app supports Dark mode and iPad too

The data of the projects is all sorted inside of json files that can easily be migrated to a server so the app doesn't have to carrie all the data inside of it. The app is built to work without an infrastructure or server to get the data from but was a crucial point while developing the app to enable easier future development. 

All the data in the app is dynamic and this means it can easily be manipulated, removed and add on to without much hassle

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Not public on the store ( The project is complete but not public )

Do you have any traffic ?

Why are you selling ?

As someone who is in love with both fitness and developing mobile apps this project has helped me to become better at both fields at the same time call it a two birds with one stone move from me. I am looking for a potential customer for it as I as a single developer do not see the potential of using this app to its full potential buy selling on the App Store as it is much more suited for individuals who are already in the fitness industry

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?
I would advise anyone who is currently in the fitness industry to use this app as a new tool to help there customers. The app is built to explain every exercise, be friendly to individuals who are both new or experienced in fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle. The workouts, challenges and exercises are all well explained and created so that newcomers can easily follow along while experienced individuals may find workouts that are hard, fresh and challenging to them too

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