6 months ago

Brand new interactive tutoring platform - Complete Platform frontend + back - Many hours of work

$ 0
$ 3400

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

  • Unique domain name: Learn2say.com
  • Completely unique start up - Frontend and Back + Payments System

  • I built this with cheap running costs in mind, the domain name is 10 bucks a year from namecheap and the platform hosted on vultr for $5 a month. Very cheap
    I will help you transfer the entire site, and change your tutoring price to anything you wish aswell as teach you how to use it. It is a complete working and ready to make money tutoring platform. 
What is the technological stack ?

React (Gatsby.js)


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Complete and working with payments system through Stripe.

Do you have any traffic ?

No Marketing has been done.

Why are you selling ?

The project took 1200+ hours to complete and was orginally made for my girlfriend to start a tutoring business herself but she changed her mind and rather work for a boss instead (I dont get it either).

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Learn2say is an online tutoring platform with complete backend and frontend. It allows the tutor to type the words LIVE that the student will be able to see in real time, which includes voice chat.

Learn2say is a completely finished project, the live typing and live voice is definitely unique from other tutoring platforms. From what I can see other platforms just push you to download skype, why do that when you can own the platform itself
It can accept student bookings and payments and you can create student accounts from the backend. Students get emailed their date/time of lesson aswell as their temporary username and password in a beautifully styled form. On the day of the tutoring class simply sign in to your admin account and click the student that is currently online. This is all in real time.

As a student user, how do the Customise Your Own English Lessons and Track Your English Comprehension features work?

Hi there, These personalized features would be tracked by the tutor themselves thus the additional fee - the platform is specifically for the teaching itself You are able to customize what you offer to students and for which price :) I will help the winner of the auction edit the pricing and offerings to what they would like

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