Local Lead Generation Site PPL
4 months ago

Moving Company lead gen site w/ local Google rankings generating 20 calls per month. (PPL)

$ 90
$ 950

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Local lead generation website with 1 Google My Business listing, 1 call tracking number 

What is the technological stack ?

Site is built on Wordpress using the BeTheme

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

None, I haven't done any link building outside of a few local citations if that counts as incomplete.

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes but 99% of the calls are directly from maps rankings (more than happy to invite your gmail to view the gmb listing backend)

Why are you selling ?

A personal branding project is currently doing well and I'd like to scale it out. Outside of that I've been focusing on affiliate and in order to be efficient with all of that I need to start selling off some of these small side projects to spend my time strictly on personal brand/affiliate

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

The site is already indexed in Google, so all someone would need to do is work on a link building strategy and the rankings could easily be increased to generate more calls. Currently, all calls are generated in El Paso which has an average of 300 monthly searches including variations.

I haven't spent any time in the last few years to optimize the site, so this is perfect for someone who knows the basics of local SEO as you can avoid any sandbox and earn revenue right out of the gate. The fact that the site is indexed is also perfect for someone willing to purchase additional GMB listings as you have a much better chance of ranking opposed to a brand new domain.


- The $90 per month leaves room for anyone with a bit of sales experience to drop the lead broker to find a local partner and earn more per lead 

- Aged site with 60 keywords indexed in Google

- 1 GMB listing, FB page

- Press release (from press advantage) has a few links still live

- Call tracking data and number will be provided

- Pages have been optimized with Page Optimizer Pro


- Citations only, no real links were built

- Not much traffic or google analytics data as 99.99% of the phone calls are directly from local maps rankings

- The site is not ranking in organic

- The maps rankings are right around the middle of page 1 which is why call volume is so low/this can also be looked at as a positive as those #s can be increased with some basic off page SEO

Most lead gen sites like this sell for 20-25x, the site is priced at a 14x multiple due to the lack of major traffic and major rankings.

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