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Push out beautiful website announcements in 10 seconds.

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$ 800

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Everything. Domain name, existing users, complete code. The code is very well written and structured, but we can't provide assistance or documentation.

What is the technological stack ?

NodeJS, MongoDB, React.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The application works well without major bugs. There are a bunch of features that could be built to expand the functionality of course.

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes, there is inherent virality build into the product so get about 500 new visitors/month and about 3-5 new signups / day.

Why are you selling ?

We don't have time to spend working on it.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

We have a list of possible ideas in the backlog that we can share to turn this into a freemium product with some paid plans.

What are the options for conditions? Can you limit the announcement to page, visitor, time, whatever other condition?

Yes, you can limit announcement to a specific page. We have a few other advanced targeting options - you can see if you test it out on

May I please see a screenshot of the admin panel for a registered user? How they post and push an announcement

You can log in here:

Anyway to see a demo? looks like the signup with Google has been disabled,

We reenabled the login. You can test it out on

What is the monthly expense to keep it running?

Heroku - $25 / month currently

Hello, interested in bidding on this but want to see how it works, do you have a login I can use?

You can see and test it out on

What is the number of active users?

Current active users or active pages is around 120.

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