Maker Names
7 months ago

Brainstormed database of available domains

$ 15
$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?
Source Code and Domain

What is the technological stack ?
PHP, MySQL and Javascript

Why are you selling ?
I am a designer and don't know how to convert more visitors.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?
More paying users or sell it to a domain registrar that will use it as a launchpad for leads.

Curious as to whether this could be transitioned to / run on Wordpress (plugin to check domain avail)?

Maker Names doesn't check domain availability, but rather is an always updated database of brainstormed available domains. If you ask if this service can be morphed into a Wordpress plugin, than yes.

Hello. Iā€™m curious about the domain sourcing side of this project. How do you find the names to store in the database?

As the tagline says, it is "Brainstormed database of available domains", you can read more here

If the listed price is $1000 and there is already an offer for $1,000 why is this still listed? What is the price?

Selling side-project is a tough. 1KProjects tries it's best to fix this. In this case, yes, the price is $1000, someone put an offer of $1000, I contacted them over email, but they never returned back.

Do you currently have any active users and if so, what is your monthly revenue?

We currently have 10 paying users and $20.00 monthly recurring revenue.

what php framework is used for this app? laravel?

No framework, it is simple app built from scratch by me.

can you transfer the paying users to another gumroad account? or how would you move them?

Gumroad doesn't have a feature such as one-click transfer of users, but I'm sure if we have a deal, we'll ask them or find some another way.

Hey, Is this site still for sale? I tried to email you recently but didn't hear back. Let me know either way šŸ™‚ Ian

Yes, it is still for sale. I haven't received any email and not sure if you have my email. Can you submit an offer through this site please?

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