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A bespoke ad network specifically catering to maker products or products targeted at makers.

$ 100
$ 7000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

MakerAds is a functionally complete advertising network. Anyone can join the network by inserting a small script onto their website. A different ad is then shown on their site on each visit.

Anyone can submit an ad for free, and these are then approved by myself. Each ad appears an equal amount across the network.

MakerAds generates revenue by selling premium sponsored ad slots. These appear much more frequently than the free ads. For instance, a regular ad will show once in every 150 impressions, while a sponsored ad will show once in every 10 impressions.

The network server is built using node, backed by mongo. It features caching, simple fraud detection and ad balancing.

Domains included in the sale;,

I will transfer ownership of the repository on Github, the code is GPL.

I will install the ad network on your system, or transfer ownership of the Digital Ocean droplet if that's possible.

There are currently 155 ads running on the system, which would need to stay. You can see the ads that are running here:

Ads are submitted and stored in Airtable, which I will need to transfer ownership of.

There are 300+ websites in the ad network (these are the ones showing an ad on their site), so we would have to transfer ownership without any downtime if possible.

What is the technological stack ?

Gatsby, Node, Express, Mongo, Airtable.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Our intention was to share a portion of the revenue with the sites in the network (since they are the ones generating the traffic), a usual model for an ad system.

However, the mechanism to pay users for the clicks that they receive on the ads was never implemented.

Do you have any traffic ?


The ad network itself receives around 150,000 impressions per month, consistently for the last 3-4 months while I have not been actively promoting it.

The site receives around 300-400 per month.

Why are you selling ?

Another one of my projects is taking up the majority of my time, but I would like to see this one succeed.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

When I was spending time on it, we were bringing in 3-5 new sponsored ad sales or warm leads each week and selling the sponsored ad slots for $50/month.

These sales included some big business names, such as Porkbun, Blockstack, Earnest Capital and more.

If the network traffic increases then the price could easily be increased also. It just requires time being spent on sales and marketing.

Hi there, wanted to ask: 1) Can close the git repo? 2) Do we need to pay your users and build the missing mechanism?

1. The git repo is GPL, so you'll have to figure out how to deal with that. 2. We'll settle the debts with our users so you wont need to do. There wont be any other requirements for the sale.

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