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Community-created maps in one place. [The Reddit of maps]

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$ 3700

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Featured on ProductHunt with massive attention:

With the insight that there exists an incredible amount of community-created maps out there – we decided to build the platform for bringing them all together. On you can: 🌎 Co-create public maps 💬 Interact with pins, comments and upvotes 😍 Explore new niched communities ✅ Save your favorite maps in one place ⭐️ Be awesome and earn karma

⭐Full source code.
⭐Database with 330 registered users, 127 maps, 458 pins.
⭐Extensive .Sketch design files for UI and un-launched features.
⭐Domain name (
⭐Pitch deck
⭐Design on un-launched advertising platform.
⭐AE file for IG story advert.

What is the technological stack ?

⚙️MongoDB, NodeExpress & React.

Do you have any traffic ?

📈 Around ProductHunt launch we had up against 1.000 new users a day.

With no marketing effort since then, we have around 13 active users a week.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

💸Launching an advertising feature, enabling small and big businesses to sponsor pins on popular maps. The initial design for this is included.

💸Launching a premium subscription model for "super-users" who will get premium features such as saving and creating unlimited maps, customization and more.

Why are you selling ?

For personal reasons and founders wanting to put focus on different things in their life. 

Hi, Did you have chance to check the suggestions and problems informed by Product Hunt community?

Hey there. Thanks for your question! Many of the suggestions are relevant and good pointers on how to improve the service, with some things being even quite small fixes. We implemented a few of the suggestions from the ProductHunt community like the ability to go to a specific address instantly. We didn't get much further before we stopped working on the project. Best, Daniel Bech.

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